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Nomination Guideline (Fellow)

  1.0 Criterion for Election as Fellow

Achievements which serve as the Criterion for election as Fellow may take any of a number of forms including:

(a) Outstanding individual achievement or leadership in science, engineering and technology;
(b) Innovative management or development of technological industries; or of technological operations within non-technological industries; or of government or non-government organisations or institutions dealing with issues relating to the science, engineering and technology;
(c) Outstanding contributions at the interface between science, engineering and technology and society.


  2.0 Proposing of Candidates for Election as Fellow

To facilitate and expedite the work of assessment, it is essential that proposals be fully supported with all relevant material.

To this end, it is the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that:

(a) The proposal document is complete and that it includes the signatures of the Fellow seconding the proposal and of any Fellows supporting the proposal.
(b) The proposal document should be supported also by detailed curriculum vitae. Important publications and patents of the candidate should also be listed, where appropriate, and the publications that contribute to basic knowledge and to successful applications of research and development in science, engineering and technology should be identified.
(c) It is important that all supporting material be expressed in the third person, i.e., a candidate should not be seen to take the initiative. Achievements of the candidate should have been recognised independently by those promoting the proposal.
(d) Proposals can be submitted at any time, but must be received at the Academy’s Head Office before 31st December in the year preceding that in which the candidate may be first elected, otherwise, the proposal will be held over for the following year.
(e) Proposals not successful in the first year will automatically be carried forward for reassessment in the second year. After the second unsuccessful assessment the proposal will lapse unless the Proposer has come forward with additional substantive supporting material. After a break of one year a new proposal may be submitted.


  3.0 Completing the Nomination Form

All nominations are to be checked upon receipt by the Secretary General. If incomplete in any way they should be referred back immediately to the proposer.

Signing the Nomination

Candidates Curriculum Vitae

3.1 Nomination form must be typed.
3.2 A complete nomination must consist of the following items:
  bullet Completed nomination form
  bullet Two copy of passport photograph taken within the last six months, one which is mounted on the front page of the application form and one un-mounted photograph. Digitally reproduced photos must be reproduced without discernible pixels or dot patterns. Copy machine photos are not accepted.
  bullet Updated Curriculum Vitae
  bullet List of publication
  bullet Nomination form shall be signed by at least two Fellows one of whom sign as proposer and another as seconder and by any other Fellows as supporters and shall be lodged with the ASM Secretary General.
3.3  One hard copy of the nomination submitted to the ASM Secretary General before 31 October of each year. 
3.4  All nominations are to be checked upon receipt by the Secretary General. If incomplete in any way they should be referred back immediately to the proposer.  
3.5  Signing the Nomination  
  3.5.1  While nominations can be submitted by any Fellow regardless of the discipline, at least the proposer or the seconder must be a member of the respective discipline. The proposer and the seconder must know the candidate well enough to be in a position to defend the nomination. 
  3.5.2 The proposer must attend the Discipline Selection Task Force Meeting. If the proposer could not attend the Meeting, he/ she must ensure that the seconder is present to defend the nomination. Absence of both the proposer and the seconder will lead the respective nomination to be rejected or deferred to the following year, as appropriate. 
  3.5.3  Each Fellow who signs a proposal document will be deemed thereby to certify that to the best of the Fellow’s knowledge and belief the person named therein is qualified to Council. 
3.6  Candidates Curriculum Vitae  
  3.6.1  Candidate’s curriculum vitae must be edited by the Proposer, who should be guided by the following: 
    bullet Omit activities at university undergraduate level and during early parts of subsequent career development. 
    bullet Omit attendance at Conferences unless invited as keynote speaker 
    bullet Omit all papers of which the candidate was not the principal author. 
    bullet Omit all papers which are not in recognised journals. 
    bullet Omit hobbies and the like. 
3.7 The proposer is advised to address the respective attributes which are regarded as being of primary importance and suggests that if proposer of nominations could address each of these where appropriate it would simplify the task of the assessment process.
  The items listed in the nomination form are as below:
    bullet Personal Particulars of Candidate 
    bullet Academic/ Professional Qualifications 
    bullet Area of Expertise 
    bullet Management Experience 
    bullet Research, Innovative Design and Development 
    bullet List of Publications 
    bullet Application of Existing and / or New Technology 
    bullet Malaysia Professional Honours and Awards 
    bullet Foreign Professional Honours and Awards 
    bullet Community and Voluntary Services and Awards 
    bullet Service in Professional Organisations 
    bullet Personal Knowledge of the Candidate 
    bullet Contributions to the Academy 
    bullet Basis for Recommendation