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ASM's Membership


The Academy of Sciences Malaysia was established by an Act of Parliament in 1995 (ASM Act 1994). 50 individuals were appointed from among the country’s eminent scientists, engineers and technologists as Foundation Fellows.

Since then, each year the existing Fellows will identify and nominate Malaysian citizens deemed suitable for consideration as new Fellows. The nominated candidates will be evaluated through a stringent selection process and eventually elected at the Academy’s Annual General Meeting. This year, 19 candidates were elected at the 18th AGM which was held on 27 April 2013.

A Fellow of the Academy is entitled to use the title ‘Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia’ with the abbreviation FASc, after their name.

The election of new Fellows is crucial to ensure sustainability of ASM. ASM taps the expertise, knowledge, wisdom and network of its Fellows to provide STI input to the government and stakeholders. Through Fellows, ASM continues to demonstrate its commitment in international STI arena through its strategic membership of multilateral STI networks, its active role in governance of these networks, and its participation in important global scientific interactions. At the national level, a Fellow through the Academy has the opportunity to advance their ideas to push the envelope for S&T development in the country.

To date, ASM has 239 Fellows comprising six discipline groups. The six disciplines are:

(i) Medical and Health Sciences

(ii) Engineering and Computer Sciences

(iii) Biological, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

(iv) Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences

(v) Chemical Sciences

(vi) S&T Development and Industry


Senior Fellow

The ASM Council appoints Senior Fellows from among Fellows of the Academy. Senior Fellows are individuals who have made outstanding individual contribution and provided leadership both nationally and internationally as well as to the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.

Their appointment is based on the recommendation of a special panel comprising members and non-members of the Academy who are appointed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. A Senior Fellow appointed is entitled to be addressed as an ‘Academician’.

This year, ASM will confer two outstanding Fellows as Senior Fellows, which brings the total number of Senior Fellows to 22.


Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellows are individuals who have made distinguished contribution to the practice of science, engineering or technology. They are elected in the Annual General Meeting and currently, ASM has 6 Honorary Fellows.



Associate are appointed by ASM Council to further enhance the role of ASM as a think tank for the government. The increasing interdisciplinary nature of knowledge demands experts from various fields, ranging from science to social sciences represent ASM at external meetings, contribute abs participate in various studies and committees. To date, ASM comprised of 60 Associates.