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What we do

Academy of Sciences Malaysia supports good science — and when good science is concerned, we endorse activities of highest fulfillment to promote engagement, understanding and literacy in science, technology and innovations. Taking science outside its box is always a delightful challenge whereby it leads us to interesting new directions. There are a range of opportunities for discussion, debate and informal engagement with people on our work, how we accomplish it and what it leads to. At the end of the day, it is our commitment to enhance the scientific capacity of the country. 

Internal   External
bullet  Fellow   bullet  MESTECC and its agencies
bullet  Associates   bullet  Other Ministries and relevent agencies
bullet  Young Scientists Network (YSN)   bullet  Industry organizations
bullet  ASM Management   bullet  Research institutions
      bullet  Higher Learning Institutions
      bullet  STI Professional Bodies
      bullet  STI International Organizations
      bullet  Public and Rural communities
 4 Point Client Charter
1. Provide independent, evidence based, reliable and timely advice 
2.  Commited in initiating quality programmes towards developing strong STI foundation for the nation 
3. Represent Malaysia and its scientific community at the international arena
4. Disseminate scientific knowledge 


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